G18-3C5NCT 5cm PNPNO NC Diffuse Reflection Sensor Inductive Photoelectric Switch

Phtoelectric switch sesnsor

 G18-3C5NCT 5cm PNPNO+NC Diffuse Reflection Sensor Inductive Photoelectric Switch 

Product Description

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Structural category Photoelectric switch
Outward appearance code G18 G30 G50
Outward appearance illustration      
Diffuse type Detection distance 10cm 20 -100cm 30cm 50cm
10- 30 VDC NPN NO G18 -3A 10NA G30 -3A 70NA G50 -3A 30NA
NC G18 -3A 10NB G30 -3A 70NB G50 -3A 30NB
NO+NC G18 -3A 10NC G30 -3A 70NC G50 -3A 30NC
PNP NO G18 -3A 10PA G30 -3A 70PA G50 -3A 30PA
NC G18 -3A 10PB G30 -3A 70PB G50 -3A 30PB
NO+NC G18 -3A 10PC G30 -3A 70PC G50 -3A 30PC
90~250 VAC SCR Controllable Silicon NO G18 -2A 10LA G30 -2A 70LA G50 -3A 30LA
NC G18 -2A 10LB G30 -2A 70LB -
Relay output - G30 -2A 70JC G50 -3A 30JC
Retrore-flictive Detection distance 2m 3 -5m 4m
10- 30 VDC NPN NO G18-3B2NA G30-3B3NA G50-3B4NA
NC G18-3B2NB G30-3B3NB G50-3B4NB
NO+NC G18-3B2NC G30-3B3NC G50-3B4NC
PNP NO G18-3B2PA G30-3B3PA G50-3B4PA
NC G18-3B2PB G30-3B3PB G50-3B4PB
NO+NC G18-3B2PC G30-3B3PC G50-3B4PC
90~250 VAC SCR Controllable Silicon NO G18-2B2LA G30-2B3LA -
NC G18-2B 2LB G30-2B 3LB -
Relay output - G30-2B3JC -
Tough beam Detection distance 5m 10m 5m
10- 30 VDC NPN NO G18 -3C 5NA G30 -3C 101NA G50 -3C 5NA
NC G18 -3C 5NB G30 -3C 101NB G50 -3C 5NB
NO+NC G18 -3C 5NC G30 -3C 101NC G50 -3C 5NC
PNP NO G18 -3C 5PA G30 -3C 101PA G50 -3C 5PA
NC G18 -3C 5PB G30 -3C 101PB G50 -3C 5PB
NO+NC G18 -3C 5PC G30 -3C 101PC G50 -3C 5PC
90~250 VAC SCR Controllable Silicon NO G18 -2C 5LA G30 -2C 101LA G50 -3C 5LA
NC G18 -2C 5LB G30 -2C 101LB -
Relay output - G30 -2C 101JC G50 -3C 5JC
DC/SCR/Control output DC:200mA, AC:300mA DC:200mA, AC:300mA , relay: 2A
DC/AC Consumption current DC<15mA , AC:<10mA
DC/AC Response time DC<2mS , AC<20mS
Directional angle 3°-10°
Directed object Transparent or opaque body
Working environment temperature -25 °C ~ + 55 °C `
Intensity of illumination of working environment Sunlight under 10000LX incandescent lamp under 3000LX
Shell material Plastic
Protection grade IP66 IP66 IP54

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