DIN Rail 220V 380V 100A Dual Display Digital AC Voltmeter Ammeter


D52-2042 DIN Rail 220V 380V 100A dual display digital AC voltmeter ammeter

Product Description

Please note: Please check 80V-300V for measuring 220V voltage, 200-450V for measuring 380V voltage

Household check: 80-300V~100A

Note: If you want to measure ABC/three-phase voltage and current at the same time, you must purchase 3 meters. Check 3-phase 4-wire 80-300V/three-phase 3-wire and select 200-450V.

D52-2042 rail type digital display AC voltage, current dual display meter is displayed on the meter at the same time are measured AC voltage and AC current. The ordered measuring current range of the instrument is within 99.9A without the need of an external AC transformer. Simply measure the current of the loop through the small round hole on the right side of the meter. Or buy 99.9A external transformer.

Applicable to all kinds of distribution equipment table (such as distribution cabinet / household distribution box / appliance repair, etc.. Especially at home [DZ47/C45 / air switch] total line according to the installation of instruments, real-time monitoring of home use electrical status, It is convenient for you to check whether there is a large current display when you go out and have avoided forgetting to turn off some high-power home appliances when you go out, thus wasting electricity and resources!)

Now that there are many household appliances, when you see that the meter current is large, you can selectively turn off the operation of an appliance, so as to avoid overheating of the circuit wires and aging of the wires and air switch tripping. Over time, it will cause leakage of fire. Internal and so on.

Main Specifications

1. Measurement accuracy: 1% positive and negative 2 words

2. Display: 0.5 inch LED digital tube (voltage red display, current pure green display / display more clearly)

3. Measurement range: AC voltage: AC80-150V, 80V-300V, 200-450V. The user selects a voltage measurement range as needed

4. AC current: AC0.2-99.9A (99.9A measurement range) AC1-200A (200A measurement range)

5 power consumption<0.2VA

6. Measurement speed: about 2 times per second

7. Dimensions: 54 (long) * 80 (width / height) * 64 (thickness) mm

8. Installed width: = 3P (DZ47/C45, air switch position)

9. Instrument protruding part size: 54 (long) * 45 * (width / height) * 16 (thickness / depth) mm

10. Installed by: rail type (air switch rail) Note: shipping does not ship with rails

11. Built-in transformer: the measuring circuit leads through the round hole on the right side of the meter (circular hole diameter 11MM can pass through the standard 12 square (mm) standard copper wire / can meet the load current 100A) Note: The load passes through the meter hole from Passed above or below, does not affect the current measurement accuracy.

12.(External 100A transformer hole diameter of 15.5mm) can meet the national standard 21-25 square (mm) standard copper wire through

13.(External 200A transformer hole diameter 24mm) can meet the national standard 30-45 square (mm) standard copper wire through

14. This instrument is only suitable for the pure AC 50-60HZ mains power, can not be used for square wave, inverter output and repair sine wave sine wave circuit measurement, otherwise the meter will be permanently damaged!


Use and wiring method

1. Connect the measured voltage to the lower left 1 and 2 terminals of the meter

2. Connect the external transformer according to the wiring diagram in Figure 1. Connect the two leads of the precision secondary current transformer to the upper left 3 and 4 terminals and pass the conductor of the measurement loop through the transformer. Round hole. (The transformer leads can be installed in accordance with the proper extension of the device to the ideal position.) Lengthen the length from 0.5 to 3 meters.

3. The built-in transformer is connected according to the wiring diagram of Figure 2. The conductor of the measuring circuit is passed through the right circular hole of the meter. The direction of the thread penetration is arbitrarily selected by the user according to the use conditions, and can be penetrated from the lower hole of the meter. Or go through the hole above the meter through the hole, the penetration direction will not affect the measurement results.

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