RT18-32X Low Voltage 32A 690V AC Fuse Electrical Fuse Holder with porcelain fuse link With Lamp 3P

Fuse Holder Fuse Base

 RT18-32X Low Voltage 32A 690V AC Fuse Electrical Fuse Holder with porcelain 10*38 fuse link With Lamp 3P


Product Description

According to IEC 269-6(2010)
Rated currents:1-20A
Rated voltage:DC 1000V
Rated breaking capacity:DC 33kA
Operating class
gPV for Solar protection


Product photo Size In A Operating class Order No. Fig. Weight(g)
20161026223525.jpg 10×38 1 gPV 01PV1038 Fig.3.1 10
2 02PV1038
3 03PV1038
3.5 3.5PV1038
4 04PV1038
5 05PV1038
6 06PV1038
8 08PV1038
10 10PV1038
12 12PV1038
15 15PV1038
20 20PV1038



Product photo Size Fuse Link Size No. of poles Order No. Fig. Weight(g)
20161026223535.jpg Rated current 20A
ZT18-32 10×38 1 1PZT1832 Fig.3.2 59
1+N 1NZT1832 118
2 2PZT1832 118
3 3PZT1832 177
3+N 3NZT1832 236
Rated current 20A
ZT18-32X with LED 10×38 1 1PZT1832X Fig.3.2 59
1+N 1NZT1832X 118
2 2PZT1832X 118
3 3PZT1832X 177
3+N 3NZT1832X 236






Order No. Current rating (Amps) Energy Integrals Power Loss
(A2s/I2t) (Watts)
Pre-Arcing Total at 1000V 0.8 In In
01PV1038 1 0.15 0.4 0.8 1.5
02PV1038 2 1.2 3.4 0.6 1
03PV1038 3 4 11 0.8 1.3
3.5PV1038 3.5 6.6 18 0.9 1.4
04PV1038 4 9.5 26 1 1.5
05PV1038 5 19 50 1 1.6
06PV1038 6 30 90 1.1 1.8
08PV1038 8 3 32 1.2 2.1
10PV1038 10 7 70 1.2 2.3
12PV1038 12 12 120 1.5 2.7
15PV1038 15 22 220 1.7 2.9
20PV1038 20 34 350 2.1 3.6





Company Information

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Yueqing Nqqk Electric Factory is a special factory,which has a 13 years history of manufacturing low and high-voltage fuses.

The company is located in Liushi-Electric City of China,Wenzhou.There the environ-ment conditions are very well and the

transport is quite facile.


  The company produces two main ranges of fuses-low-voltage fuses and high-voltage fuses.The low-voltage fuses include

knife type,cylindrical type,screw base type,bolt-connecting type and square tube type.They are widely used in industry ,commerce,housing,electricity,etc.The high-voltage fuses are used for transformers,electrical motors,transformer instruments,

electicity,etc.The high-voltage elect-rical equipments.They have the features of high breaking capacity,low power loss,high

sensitivity.All the products conform to the standards of IEC269 and GB13539.Most of the products conform to standards of

CE,CCC,CB,etc.The company has built up ISO9000 quality system to guarantee the products 'quality.

In order to produce the superior products, the company has been developing advanced technology for fuse on its own but

also introduced the advanced technology from some advanced countries.Over the past 13 year's efforts, the company is able

to supply 20 series with more than 500 models of fuses. With excellent quality and good service, the products are well sold and

received by people throughout the world.


  "Quality is always the company's life and customers are always the company's focus"is the compa-ny's motto.Complying with

the motto, the company sincerely hopesw to provide more and more excellent quality goods and the best service to our customers

all over the world.It would be highly appreciated to cooperate with you,definitely you will find that this company will be your best

partner in china.



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