NT2 NH2 125A 355A 400A 660V 690V HRC Low Voltage Fuse Link


NT2 NH2 125A 400A 660V 690V HRC Low Voltage Fuse link

Product Description

According to IEC60269,DIN43620,GB13539 and CE Safety,Rohs CERTIFICATE
Rated voltage:AC500V/690V or DC 440V

Rated current:2A~1250A

Exception:Size 00 with DC 250V
Operating class:
     gL/gG for cable and conductor protection
     aM for motor protection
    aR for semiconductor protection

Finely graduated selectivity
Rated breaking capacity:AC 120kA(Size 00:AC 50kA)

Type Rated current(A) Dimension(MM) Unit Weight(g)
NT1               NH1              RT16-1 80,100,125,160,200,224,250 A 135 450
B 68
C 20
D 48
E 60
F 6
NT2            NH2              RT16-2 125,160,200,224,250,300,315,355,400 A 150 670
B 68
C 26
D 60
E 70.3
F 6
NT3             NH3               RT16-3  '315,355,400,425,500,630 A 150 900
B 68
C 32
D 67
E 82
F 6