24 Hours Mechanical Programmable Timer


24 hours mechanical electronic timer German European socket

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Product Description

24-hour mini-mechanical timer small size, novel appearance. Set at least 15 minutes. Through a simple set, you can set your time every day 24 hours cycle automatically turn on and off the power, to bring your life convenient, energy-saving dual effect!

Minimum set value of 15 minutes, set without a day after the start, will automatically follow your set time every day cycle!

Electric water heater electric water heater power, so 24 hours power. Means that a lot of power consumption in the repeated heating. Through the timer control, according to the law of life set the electric water heater in a fixed time range connected to power heating, both do not have to wait to also save the electricity!

Drinking fountains drinking water 24 hours power, not only a lot of waste of electricity in the repeated heating, repeated heating water for more than 6 hours, will produce nitrite, long-term drinking can cause cancer, resulting in vascular disease. Use the timer according to the need to set the power off time to protect the health of the family while saving energy, really do both!

Other small household appliances around you other home appliances, such as rice cookers, aquariums, heaters can be turned off by regular start to save energy to bring convenience Oh! Morning porridge no longer have early; winter with electric blanket no longer forget to open for bed or sleep forget to shut down and worry!

Peak and valley with electricity tariffs to peak and valley period is a trend in the valuation of electricity in the valley to calculate the region, the use of timer, can automatically avoid the peak hours of electricity, so that home appliances in the trough time to work, to the province Point the purpose of saving expenses.

Technical Parameters
Rated voltage: 220v, 50hz
Maximum load: 3500w